Check in Kiosks | Innovation for Golf Courses

Our Check in Kiosk for Golf courses are designed to help golf clubs reduce costs while improving the overall satisfaction of their golfers. Our smart and easy to use golf kiosks are a no brainer for golf club operators.

Improve your operations & Lower your costs

Kiosks Specifications


Process Time: 45-60 seconds

Capable of local rate verifications though ID swipe

Ability to up-sell through a virtual proshop

You Could:
1) Connect to your existing TeeSheet
2) Use our powerful TeeSheet
  (included) and online reservations
   capability and network


Power outlet

Wifi or Ethernet for internet connection

That's it!
Can recognize players and give them points
45 seconds to process a tee time
Doesn't get grumpy or needs to step out to go to the bathroom

Improve Customer Satisfaction Specifications

What we found golfers want... and what we can help you with


Play golf...
instead of waiting in line for someone to swipe my card

"5 minutes can be the difference so I can hit some balls on the range"


Not to be bothered...
instead of waiting to make small talk with a stranger

if I need something I will ask for it, please just let me go play"


Frequent player programs...
instead of being anorther golfer

iI play here everyweek, shouldn't I get recognized?"

Reduce your extra costs and focus on value added activities

Instead of having your employees just swiping credit cards

Improve the flow of golfers in your facility

Most golfers arrive 15 min prior to their tee time. Slow processing times in the ProShop can cause:

  • Delays in start times
  • Lower Driving Range sales
  • Lower customer satisfaction

With 45 sec processing times your golf course will keep up with the volume and:

  • Avoid delays
  • Increase Driving Range Sales
  • Increase Customer satisfaction
  • Machines are easy to manage and we provide immediate replacements


It’s about time we keep up with technology and begin leveraging it to our advantage in the golf course industry.

I have been able to free up my employees to do another important tasks, even outside the proshop.

Weekends were always a pain because I needed to hire an extra person just to keep up with the volume. Not anymore.

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Golf Kiosks Check in Solution

Our indoor and outdoor

golf check in kiosks

allows golf clubs to sell tee times quickly 24/7. Golf courses that implement our sleek

golf check in machines

forget about needing an extra guy to cope with high weekend or holiday volumes. Staff at the ProShop will spend their time on value added activities instead of swiping credit cards. Our

golf club kiosks

have been designed to identify residency and other information that allow golf courses to still charge variable rates for residents or for players with PromoCodes

Golf Course Management Program

Through our

Golf Course Management Software

and Online Golf Reservation system we can help operators to

improve golf course operations

and increase profits. Operators can use our

Golf Club Kiosks

for check in purposes. However, we provide our

Golf Club Management System

with a

Smart TeeSheets

and other tracking and reporting tools at no extra cost. Other

Golf Course Management Software

charges 6-12 thousand dollars a year for this. Through our

Golf Kiosks

we charge a convenience fee to the golfer so that you can save from your existing costs.
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